1.Is the soap for face or body?

A: The soap can be used for both face and body. Due to everyone doesn't just break out on their face. We break out everywhere on our body. So you want to take care and nourish each part of your body. 

2. What is the process to how to use your soap?

A: I begin with rinsing my face with warm water. Then, I lather my face with my bar of soap (you can use a towel, face scrubber, etc.). After that I leave it on my face for about 4-5 minutes. From there I rinse my face off with cold water using a face cloth. We are almost done, I use witch hazel to clean my pores. Lastly, I finish with using my rose oil( you can find on the site) to moisturize my skin. 

3. What can I use the rose oil for?

A: You can use the rose oil for your skin, hair, and body. Brings a beautiful shine to everything as it nourishes. 

4. How do I use the bath salts? 

A: Just add to water as you're running the bath. You can use up to the amount that you desire. As well as, use the muslin bag to add the bath salts and herbs to the bag. Once you've filled the bag to your compacity, hang it over the water sprout like a tea bag. Then let the remainder of the herbs in the tea bag float  in the bathtub with you to get the full benefits from the herbs. This helps with the clean up process. 

5. What if I don't want to clean up the herbs from my bath afterwards?

A: Put the bath salt mixture in the muslin bag that is provided. You may place it in the tub as the water runs or hang it over the water faucet to the tub to let the water run over it as a tea bag into your water. 

6. How do I use the scrub?

A: Start by rinsing the face or body then use the spoon provided and scoop desired amount. Then rub it on your face or the body area you are targeting. Leave on the skin for 3-4 minutes. After rinse with cold water. Once completely clean of scrub, move process of using witch hazel to clean the pores. Lastly, finish with a moisturizer.  

7. Why rinse off with cold water?

A: The cold water assisting with closing your pores.